Two Nights In The Woods.

Camping was one of the best experiences of my life and highly suggest you all try it at some point in your life. I don’t mean the kind of camping where you’re on a campsite and have toilets and showers and electricity or what not. I mean the kind of camping where you go out into the middle of a Forrest and you have no electricity, toilets or showers. That’s right. It can get a bit grim but it’s all part of the experience.

My best friend and I decided to one day spontaneously go camping in the woods next to the most secluded village ever. We walked through a field of cows and sheep and found a perfect spot to set up. It was in the summer so we had a fair amount of time to get sorted before it got dark. We didn’t even have one of those easy pop up tents, we literally had what looked like some rods and old bedsheets.

After we set up our tents we went and explored a bit to see what was around and if there was anything interesting. We gathered some wood to make a fire and then went back to the tent. The sun started to set so we went to a clearing in the woods to look over at the sunset (Featured Image) and we just talked and talked and we watched the sun set while we played some calming music from our phones. Things got a bit emotional.

Back at the tents we started a fire to cook the snacks we’d brought from home, the fire got going good and we cooked the sausages on a stick the good old way. It was so nice sitting by the fire, it was controlled calm down, listening to music in the dark. We went to sleep early that night after we put the fire out.

The second night after a day of adventures and chilling with the cows in the field, it started to get dark and once again we lit the fire and talked, we played never have I ever and had a few drinks and found out some unbelievable stuff about each other.

It was nearing to midnight and we were sat in our tent, we could hear the night wildlife coming awake, the sounds of animals which I couldn’t work out if they were birds or foxes, the crunching sound of the leaves as the animals walked around us. At this point the fire was out and we couldn’t see a thing as we were in our tent listening to all the noises.

We heard something just outside our tent, it sounded gentle and ever so close, whatever it was it was inspecting whatever had been going on and the shenanigans we got up to. We looked outside of the tent and we were surrounded by deer, you could see their eyes light up, here, there, everywhere. It was so amazing to be right in the middle of all of this nature and what was going on.

Hearing twigs and branches snap and more crunching of the leaves, the gawking of some kind of animal and the chirp of a bird, I fell asleep with so much amazement knowing this would not be forgotten.

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