2017: Not A Recap (But Kind Of Is)

Hey friends, I guess I could say that this post is a little later than what I planned, not that I have a schedule, but I thought of countless ways I could do this as I didn’t want to do just another year recap post. So I thought about just posting pictures and doing a ‘My year in pictures’ but then realised I wasn’t ready to post half my family/friends on my blog. And then I thought maybe I’d just skip the whole post as I wasn’t fully into celebrating the new year because I’ve had a sudden realisation that the new year isn’t all that great and that it’s just another day maybe just an excuse for people to get fucked. Then I realised I wanted to do it for myself and so I’ve picked out a few pictures from 2017 that are my favourite/ what happened in 2017.

Clovelly 2017
May: Visited a beautiful quaint little village called Clovelly with mum.
Moving boxes
June: Moved out of parents! Woo
July: Went on a group holiday with friends.
September: Went to the zoo for the first time since I was a child.
October: Uk people; remember that time the sun and sky was red for the whole day? Crazy.

So it’s not much but if you’re into reading these kinds of posts I guess it’s pretty cool and I guess this is a way of you getting to know me better aswell. 2017 was the year I started to adult and was no longer a teenager so it was a pretty scary year. I’ve learned that I need to stop or atleast try not to stress about the little things because I feel like I spent quite a bit of the year stressing and thinking back now, I’m not even sure what about!

Let me know how your New Years Went! I spent mine in bed with a Chinese (no regrets either).

Much love ♥


3 thoughts on “2017: Not A Recap (But Kind Of Is)

  1. Nice photos! That tiger is such a poser lol. See I think we both left our year in review posts too late and by the time we got to them, everyone had already said everything that was to be said. This year we should write our yearly review in November to get ahead of everyone else haha

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