Let’s Talk About Paris!

Hey friends, it’s been on my mind to talk about the time I went to Paris, giving it was around a year ago now but I thought there’s no harm in only talking about it now and might even be useful for those of you who plan on going at some point!

It was my first time flying and going to a different country. I was so excited by the time I’d waited 3 hours around the airport, flown, got a taxi to the hotel we were staying at and unpacked my stuff I’d made myself sick (probably purely travel sick) so had to take a break before venturing out. I didn’t manage to get any photos of the hotel unfortunately but wasn’t that pretty as it was undergoing construction. Though it was opposite an AMAZING cake shop that I visited every day.

Visiting Paris made feel that I’d lived a very sheltered life, that may sound a little extreme but when it came to talking to people I just froze up and had no idea what to say, I tried my best with the pleases and thank yous but they could clearly see I was pretty useless at the language. And I realised this when we visited the subway station, which I may add was a very interesting experience.

We visited the subway station to try to get to grips on how to use it and how much it was to get about so we didn’t have to use taxis all the time but my god we arrived and spoke to the guy behind the information desk. The next thing we know is he’s trying to tell us about our future and reading our lives and communicating through google translator, telling us about how he used to work with famous bands and stuff. We were lost. Yet probably the best experience in Paris. Thank you dude in the subway station at the information desk.

Anyway, we visited all or the main tourist attractions, I really enjoyed visiting the Eiffel Tower. Going up higher and higher to almost the top and seeing the structure of the Eiffel Tower was genuinely art and seeing views down below, it really is something I’ll never forget. We arrived, there were what looked like military men guarding it and we’d booked the tickets for the year later by mistake online so ended up buying extra tickets haha!


4e638674-a030-4d97-b9a9-1bd9b987b018        08e90f3c-2c0a-4881-879a-89fcc920a0ac

We also visited The Louvre which was so interesting! So much to look around, I’m sure we didn’t get time to go around and look at everything but what I did see was breathtaking and genuinely interesting, the architecture of the building was the main thing that caught my eye.


The Catacombs were very interesting and recommend definitely going to see them if you go and you’re into it. The queue was long and inside it was very eerie and shook me to think that every bone/skull used to be someone, someone with a life and family and now they’re portrayed as a piece of art, I really liked it.


May I add that just the general city itself was great to walk around. Given it was like, the 3rd of December and absolutely freezing, it was great to see the way the city works and trying to hail a cab and just seeing random condom machines in the street??

img_1235   img_1236

Tip: we went on a weekend, paid for all of the activities online in advance and turned out most of the activities are free on a Sunday.

Also here’s a picture I have of a building I really liked which I saw every time I went out to eat.


Lastly a picture of me and a clown who ended up getting €40 out of us somehow?!


And that, was my trip to Paris. I’m sure I’ve missed out some details and other things but I’m pretty sure this post is long enough so congrats to those who have made it this far!

Let me know if you’ve ever been to Paris or if you have any recommendations to where I could visit next.

Much love ♥


10 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Paris!

  1. Most people I know seem to be terrified of clowns but there you are taking a selfie with one haha. I commend you for that! Great photos, that cake shop looked great. I’ve only left Canada to go to the US twice, so I don’t really have any recommendations lol.

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  2. I love Paris! Such a great post, if you ever go back try to visit Monmartre, just outside Paris it’s so adorable with loads of little bakeries and shops. Cant wait to read more from you 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you so much lovely! Means a lot and thanks for the suggestion, I may be going back later this year so I’ll definitely look it up x x


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