That Time I Went To CLOVELLY

Hey friends! I’m not going to lie to you but I’ve been a little lost on what to write about, it’s not that I don’t have ideas, it’s just I don’t really know HOW to write about them or what pictures to put with them, then thinking that it’s a shit idea, but I’m sure it’ll come to me. So for this post I’m taking the safe route and am going to take you through my journey on the time that I went to Clovelly (a place tucked away in England somewhere). I partly wanted to write about it because I included it in my 2017 Recap that you can find HERE and also hoping I can get my train of thought back for my other posts.

Clovelly is actually a small village in Devon, England. But in all honesty, when I was there I felt like I was in a different country/world as the way they do things there are pretty different. But before we get into that, I stopped off at a beach on the way in Bude called Duckpool. It was breathtaking and was supported by national trust (if you’re interested). The cliffs and rocks were like nothing I’ve ever seen, the pictures don’t give you a full experience but it’s by far the best beach I’ve ever visited and not even because of it’s name haha.


Anyway, so we (mum and me) arrived at Clovelly and because of the way the village is set up with it’s steep cobbled hills and narrow walks (you couldn’t call them roads) you do actually have to leave your car at the top before you enter the village. Which baffled me and thought it was a bit silly and couldn’t really understand it until I got further in.

After entering the village and making my way down, the more I went down the more excited I got to see what the village had to offer. The views from the top of the hill were outstanding and I never got bored of looking at the views and little houses peeking out from here and there, also can I mention that the place was filled with friendly cats and also a garden of chickens.


The residents we saw there and got talking to were so lovely! They told us stories about how a lot of tourists would walk anywhere they wanted and would even try to walk in their houses and garden and peek through their windows due to their curiosity which kind of shocks me how little respect some people can have.

I loved how everyone in the village seemed to know each other and get on, the shop owners and cafe workers and hotel receptionists were so welcoming and lovely. Considering how much of a small village it is, there’s plenty to do there and things to see, we went to a museum and learnt a lot about the history of Clovelly. It did make me laugh though how I saw one lady struggling in her heels trying to get down the hill on the cobbles, I sympathise with her a lot, though it was quite funny.

Clovelly 2017

Then the thought came to me, how do people do their shopping? Or move furniture? Oh they use sledges and drag them up and down the hill, simple yet so interesting?


I would definitely visit here again, such a unique place, nothing like I’ve ever experienced before.

Much love ♥


7 thoughts on “That Time I Went To CLOVELLY

  1. This village looks gorgeous. I’ve never been to England and I only have a westernized, modern London-y view of it, but wow. It looks so rich in history. I love places like this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Honestly it was gorgeous, I’d never seen this side of England before either so it seemed like I was in a different country all together, was interesting learning about its history too x x


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