Pre-Loved Fashion Haul

Hi friends I’m going to give this type of post a go considering  I’ve never done one of these before so bare with because I’m not really sure what I’m doing (lol). Although I did think it was a good time to do this post as in my last one I did say I wanted to treat myself, now this isn’t going out and buying clothes for myself. BUT it is a cheap alternative if any of your friends of a similar size are having a wardrobe clear out you could all meet up and make an evening of it! Grab some drinks and have a laugh while having a try-on session and laugh at all things funny, I honestly think I’m on to a good idea here. Why don’t boys do the same, right? Anyway if you’re interested in seeing what I managed to grab then keep reading!

Some of it is more for the summer but hey, look who’s getting prepared early for summer, I am. Also some of the stuff isn’t what I’d usually wear but as I’ve said again previously, you don’t know unless you try it.

Plaid Jacket: Criminal Damage

Red Jeans: NEXT

Light Wash Jeans: NEXT

Blue Jeans: River Island

Playsuit: Accessorize

Shorts and Black Crop: Unknown

Much love ♥



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