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Hey friends, someone recently asked me to give them suggestions on what to watch on Netflix and it sent my brain into a frenzy thinking of all of the goodens I’d watched on Netflix and how some of them really made me think, how intense some of them were and how sucked in I got (which is good until you finish and then you have no idea what to do with your life so you just sit there for a bit, I know you relate). So I thought why not share them on here too and also a few of which I’m currently watching.

1. Breaking Bad

Photo Credit: AMC

Breaking Bad is 100% on my all time favourites list, I salute the writer of this show. It was intense, and I couldn’t just watch 1 episode at a time. Before I watched it I didn’t know what all the hype was about. I’ll sum it up very briefly in saying it’s about a Chemistry teacher who gets cancer and decides he needs to make enough money for his family for when he passes, so ends up working with an ex-student of his producing meth and selling it, which escalates a lot.

2. Gossip Girl


Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan

Talk about from one extreme to another. Gossip girl is definitely on my all time favourites list. It’s filled with enough drama for us all, I haven’t watched this in a while now but I remember it definitely getting my emotions going, you get attached to the characters and their lives in NYC.

3. Atypical
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I’ve only recently watched Atypical and from what I’ve found out, you either love it and find it helpful or hate it and find it offensive. I’m not going to lie, I loved this and I think everyone should watch this. It’s about a teenage (I think he’s teenage) boy who’s got autism and he’s ready to find love and see what it’s all about. You see the way he thinks and makes decisions and how he comes to the conclusions he makes, I thought this was very interesting and educating if you have little knowledge on it. It added non-offensive humour and also a very good storyline.

4. Black Mirror

Photo Credit: Cupofbeans

I’m still currently watching Black Mirror, and let me tell you it really fucks your day up (well it does for me). Every episode is different, characters and all. The one thing I’ve noticed is that all the episodes have one thing in common and that is technology and how it can affect things. You get so sucked in and it can be very deep definitely worth a watch.

5. Stranger Things

Photo Credit: Netflix

Stranger Things is ridiculously good, I’ve just finished watching series 1 and 2 and I love that it’s set in the 80’s. It’s again one of those shows I can’t just watch 1 episode of, the end of the episode just sucks you into another and then Netflix only gives you, like, 2 seconds to turn it off which I always miss and then think ‘fuck it, may as well watch another episode’. Highly recommend if you’re into sci-fi movies.

6. Dexter

Photo Credit: ScreenTV

Dexter was amazing. Probably not a good idea for the faint hearted (That’s the expression right?) or if  you’re not a fan of blood or murder. Or if you don’t want to see people in blood baths. I got attached to the characters and couldn’t wait for the next episode, though after a while it did get pretty same old and I didn’t like the way they ended it. I would still consider it maybe one of my all time favourites as the story line was good and did have me sitting at the edge of the sofa a few times and maybe brang a tear to my eye.

7. Girlboss

Photo Credit: Variety

Last of all, Girlboss. I can’t believe I hadn’t watched this sooner as I just finished it last week. Based on true events of a girl that starts up her own Ebay store and starts selling vintage clothes and pretty much girlbosses it. Only 1 season short I wish there was more as I enjoyed it so much and it was an easy watch though I doubt there will be more. I need to know if there’s more watches like this one.

And that sums up some of my Netflix faves and what I’m currently watching or have just finished watching. Let me know if you’ve watched any of these or what you’re currently watching! I’d love to check some of them out and give them a watch.

Much love ♥


10 thoughts on “Binge With Me On Netflix

  1. Wow I’ve seen all of these except Girlboss and Atypical though I might start Atypical soon. And I’ve never quite gotten passed the first season of Black Mirror. That messed me up. I’m not currently watching anything. I’ve seen the first episode of a few things like Shameless and Mindhunter but nothing is latching on. They need more shows based around kids like Stranger Things. Those are always good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh!! I’ve watched some of shameless, it’s good I did like it but like you I couldn’t really get quite latched on, agreed they do need more stuff based around kids

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Gossip Girl reigns over all Netflix shows- EVER!👑 But also I really enjoyed watching A Typical. If you haven’t started Vampire Diaries yet, that should be your next one! —

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agreed!! A few people have told me to watch vampire diaries, not really sure why I haven’t, I will definitely give it a watch x x


    1. I know! The first episode was a bit too weird for my liking, but I totally get what you mean, what was that one about again? Honestly I let netflix just roll through them episode after episode haha! x x

      Liked by 1 person

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