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Hi friends! Join me on how I currently ‘plan’ my blog posts. I say plan very lightly as I’m probably the least organised person I know, but it works for me. Anyway, I thought I’d bring you along with me on how my blogging process normally goes.

First things first, I don’t have an upload schedule, I try to post 2/3 times a week but it’s all down to if I have enough time/ how I’m feeling.

Post ideas. They can come from inspiration from reading other blogs or it’ll come to me any time of the day, which then I’ll jot it down on my phones notepad, if I don’t do this or if I think ‘Oh I’ll remember when I get home’ there’s no doubting that I’ll forget. I’ll also write down some short bullet points which I can use (if I need to) for when I write up the post, I’ll even write down an idea for a picture to go with it.


Writing the blog post. When it comes to writing the blog post, it’ll either be on my day off during the week or it’ll be one day after work. I’ll normally get in, grab myself a tea, first have a look on my reader and then start to write up the blog post I’m publishing that day. Honestly sometimes it can take me about 2 hours to do a blog post. This is the time I also take some of the pictures. Sometimes I’ll use the notes on my phone, other times I wing it (which I feel like I’m most comfortable with) but it’s always reassuring that I’ve got the notes if I need them. I’ll always be double checking my post to make sure it all sounds ok when I read it aloud and if I’ve made any typos.

Pictures. Sometimes it’ll be a flat lay, other times it’ll just be a picture I’ve just taken, or it’ll be a picture I’ve taken in the past. I’m trying to improve the pictures I take and use, I’ll get there slowly. Most of the time I’ll take the pictures just before the post goes up (which I’m trying to change). Sometimes I’ll take the pictures before or after I’ve written the post. All my current pictures are taken on my iPhone 5SE and edited on my phone. (I’ll send them to myself via e-mail to transfer them onto my computer). My phone is filled with pictures I could use for my blog/Instagram (as you can see, and is also the reason I have no phone memory left LOL). The pictures always need to be related to what the post is about.



For this picture, I brightened the whole thing and stuck on the ‘Dramatic cool’ effect.

Publishing. Again I don’t have a schedule and I’ve not got my head round when the best time to post is but after I’ve finished writing my post and photos and everything it’s normally between 4-6 pm, so I’ll post around that time. I’ll fill in related tags and select the right category for my post. I’ll also upload on Instagram saying I have a new blog post live, you can follow me HERE (HA slipped in some self promo there)!

How do you plan your blog posts? Are you organised or are you more of a spontaneous blogger?

Much love♥


15 thoughts on “Blog With Me! |How I Plan My Blog Posts

  1. I´m kind of both. Sometimes I plan out the whole blog post in my journal, or I write whatever comes to my mind the day of. I´m still trying to figure out the pictures. I put them on my post and they upload, but after one day they are gone. Do you have any tips on how they will stay forever on that specific post? I´m loving your blog, keep up the good work. 🙂

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    1. Fair enough! That’s good to plan some and then do some when it comes to you on the day I like it 🙂 and oh that’s weird, I’ve not heard of that before, I don’t think they should disappear, maybe google it or look it up on WordPress? I hope you get it fixed. And thanks! I’m loving your blog too! x x

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  2. Mine are mostly spontaneous, though I must admit my notes app looks like yours except I cram every new idea into one note. Sometimes I go back and see something I wrote down but don’t know what it means haha. As for the time of posting, mine normally go up in the wee hours of the morning because that’s when I write them. But I’ve realized that people will read them in the morning before going to work. And then throughout the day I edit the publishing time on the post to make it reappear at the top of people’s Readers later in the day.

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    1. Oh god I’ve had that issue too, looking back at my notes and none of them making sense/ I don’t even know what they mean haha! Oh wow, that’s such a good idea, I’ve never thought about doing that before


  3. This was such a fun post to read!
    I’m definitely super spontaneous, although in the past I was definitely more on a strict schedule. I used to blog every single day! WHAAAT!! That seems so crazy to me now 😛


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    1. Thank you so much! I always get panicky when I don’t put up a post after 3 days, Wow did you have a lot of free time when you were uploading every day? I only really work part time and struggle to find time lol x x


      1. Yeah at the time I was not working (well, I was doing some digital art stuff from home) so I had A LOT of time. Now I work full time and I’m in school part time so it’s definitely way harder. Plus I’m also trying to do a bit of YouTube vids as well. I’m such a homebody so I like being creative at home, but with work and school it’s hard finding time to create content. So now I just post whenever I have time to sit down & write, which is usually once a week.
        So glad I found your blog! Can’t wait to keep following along.


      2. Gosh wow it sounds like it’s hard to find time but it’s good that you’re still able to find time to do it! I thinks it’s always good to find time for something you love doing, I hope you’re finding time for you too 🙂 and thank you so much my lovely x x


  4. I think that I would say I am half and half. Sometimes a great blog post will come to me spontaneously, other times it is quite a bit of research starting with an idea. I really should utilize my notes app more though!

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    1. I completely agree with that tbh! It all really depends haha, o I would be so forget without my notes app! I wish I had one engrained in my brain x x


  5. I loved reading this! I try to stick to a regular two posts a week uploading schedule, but in planning/writing my posts I’m trying to become a bit more organized. xoxoxo

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