My All Time Makeup Must Haves!

Hey friends, I’ve decided to do a beauty post today because… Well… I can. I’m not big on make up to be honest so I’ve been using these products forever… Pretty much anyway haha! I’ll make this a short and sweet post!

NYX Adorable Eyeshadow Palette


I’ll start off with my NYX Adorable eyeshadow palette. Ya gurl has hit pan with this eyeshadow palette, I do use the dark brown for my brows but it’s the perfect shade so why not? This is the fist NYX product I’ve ever brought and I’ll say I’ll definitely be buying more of their stuff. Though I don’t use the other colours as much they’re still nice if you’re looking to do more of a subtle look. I preferably like the Urban Decay palette if I’m doing eyeshadow though. ps. I like to use an angled brush for my brows.

*I could only find this on the NYX store for $8.50 which converts to £6.11

Urban Decay NAKED 3 Eyeshadow Palette

Again I don’t wear much makeup but if I’m going out for a special occasion or feel like wearing any eyeshadow I will use this. I love all the colours and everything is just yes. you’ve got your mattes in there, your shimmers and your lights and darks and nudes.


Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer


I’m pretty sure this is in everyone’s all time makeup staples, this has done wonders for me, my bags make me want to literal cry especially when I thought I couldn’t find a product that’d actually hide them. Luckily I came across this beauty and haven’t wanted a different concealer since, and it’s shocking how long this lasts for such a small tube!


Maybeline Lash Sensational


I’m sure this is also in a lot of peoples all time staples. This mascara has been my all time favourite mascara for years! I can truly say it makes your lashes look longer and thicker, I don’t go a day where I don’t wear this mascara.


Collection Black Kohl Eyeliner

I don’t have much to say about this because I feel it’s quite self explanatory if you wear makeup. A black eyeliner, does the job, cheap, reliable. What more would you want from an eyeliner pencil really? (Nevermind the fact I forgot to take a picture of this product, oops).


What’s one makeup product you’ve got that you couldn’t live without?

Much love ♥


17 thoughts on “My All Time Makeup Must Haves!

  1. I have both the naked 3 and the collection concealer and I reach for these all the time! The concealer is a life saver but I am very tempted to try the new makeup revolution concealer as I’ve heard amazing things about it! Xx

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    1. I fully understand, if it wasn’t a gift I’m not sure I would’ve spent £35 on it (just because I don’t spend that much money on makeup) it’s a lot of money! But if you’re proper into makeup I’d deffo recommend getting one or maybe asking for one for your birthday or Christmas haha x x

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  2. I have yet to buy an Urban Decay eyeshadow palette! But I really want one. Right now I just use an eyeshadow palette from Elf which I LOVE! I think a makeup product that I could not live without is… foundation! I have some red areas on my face that foundation covers up and makes me feel confident! But also mascara. I can’t go out without mascara! It makes such a difference!

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    1. Ohhh I’ve heard a little about elf I would love to give some elf stuff a go, definitely one to put on the wishlist I think 🙂 I know what you mean, I’m trying to figure out ways to get rid of some of my red areas on my face !! x x


  3. Maybelline mascaras are my favorite, and I think I want to finally try out the Lash Sensational one. And those eye shadow palettes are gorgeous!! I haven’t ever tried out any NYX products so maybe I should try getting that palette. (: xxx

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    1. Do it! The lash sensational one is definitely worth it, I wasn’t disappointed when I first got it though now I’m looking to get a body shop fibre mascara, I’ve heard really good things about it. I would also like to try more of NYXs stuff too! The eyeshadow palettes are amazing 🙂 x x

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