Trying Yoga/Pilates For The First Time

Pilates. What have I learned from this experience? I have learned that a 60 year old woman can touch her toes and I can’t. I thought I’d share with you my first experience going to a Pilates class.

First of all, if you’re unsure, Pilates is a form of Yoga that is meant to strengthen and improve your flexibility and also tone your muscles. Perfect, this is just what I’m looking for, I need to get rid of that tum and gain a little muscle and get a bit more flexible.


I booked my first Pilates class for Monday 12th February at 5:10pm. I booked the class online not knowing what on earth to expect, I haven’t even got my own mat. Anyway, it was booked and I turned up and was quite nervous not knowing what to expect. I spoke to the receptionist in a bit of a panic but it was ok, she was very lovely, I said to her I had no idea what I was doing and what I should expect, I didn’t know where to go and that I don’t have a mat. Luckily mats were provided. She also told me that she’d started doing Yoga not too long ago and that she loved it but that I should give it time, aka in my world – go more than once. I turned up 20 minutes early just so I could get settled in and knew what to do in the future.

After figuring my way around, I went through to the class and spoke to the instructor who was also lovely, you could tell she was pro as she had proper stylish yoga clothes. Anyway, she told me what I would normally do when I first come in at the beginning of every class. Cross your name off the sheet, grab a mat, sit anywhere. She also explained it was for all levels and I can go as far as I wish with it, whatever that meant? How do you get different levels of Pilates? Is it possible to get as flexible as a jelly worm?

I was on my own so I sat at the back on my mat as I’m quite shy and I sat there. I looked around and it was a bunch of older ladies and 2 older men, do I look like an idiot? In a class of older people then there’s me, a 21 year old lost in a Pilates class. It was obvious everyone knew each other, in their own little group nattering away before the class started. I wasn’t bothered that everyone knew each other because I didn’t really come to make friends.

The class started and we began the warm ups which included swinging our arm around and bending our knees. I can’t really remember much of the and actual poses and stretches. I remember the instructor kept saying to focus on our breathing. Is this it? I thought. I was feeling nothing, I wanted to feel the pain, (sounds extreme but I wanted to feel like something was happening) was I doing it right? Then while doing some of them I could feel it in my abs and hamstrings. I looked over to the older woman next to me and she was touching her toes (without bending her knees). How on earth??  I got just below my knees. I need to do this more.

The class ended after 45 minutes, which I had chose to do a 45 minute class (I half thought that half the class would be taken up my getting ready/packing away but we got the full 45 minutes). And everyone left. It was good, I think I might carry on, I mean I want to get fit and rid of this tum so I suppose I should carry on and exercise is good, right?. Anyway, this may or may not help you if you’re thinking about doing a class but, I would say definitely give it a go if you’re wanting to try it. I paid £5.65 for a 45 minute class.

Originally, I wasn’t going to post this but a few of you wanted to read about it so I hope you enjoyed reading!

Do you / have you been to any sports classes? If so what ones and how have you found them to be?

Much love ♥


16 thoughts on “Trying Yoga/Pilates For The First Time

  1. So glad you decided to post about this! 😄 your last post got me really thinking about it and now I’m having trouble (whiplash) I think it’ll really help. So I’ve contacted someone about starting classes when I’ve got a bit more of my movement back!
    Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for giving me the push I needed! Xx

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    1. Aw omg this has genuinely made my day! I’m glad it gave you the push you needed! I’m thinking it’ll definitely help with your whiplash, make sure you let them know if you haven’t already, they might need to know about it. Are you planning on doing a post about giving it a go?! I’d love to read about it x x


      1. Ah bless you 😘 Yeah I’ve let her know about it, I won’t be starting yet don’t worry 😊
        Oo I hadn’t thought about doing a post! But I’ve really enjoyed yours, so that might be a good idea! 💕 xx

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  2. I’m surprised at how cheap it is for you guys, here is around $60 (and that is for the cheap ones). Anyway I am so happy you have tried this out, my friends have practiced before and it has helped them so much in every sense. Hope to see more updates about this!

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  3. I’m not keen on Pilates, it’s too core based and I have 0 core strength aha. However I love Yoga and go every week. I guess it always depends on the teacher though, my current one is great, she runs a very streching based class which I love! 🙂 xo

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    1. That’s actually part of the reason I started! I also have 0 core muscle so I’m hoping it’ll sort me out a bit 😂 I think you’re right it does definitely depend on the teacher too, and that sounds good, I was originally going to book Yoga but they were all full x x

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  4. I haven’t been to any kind of classes like this but if I ever felt awkward in it I’d probably say “Pilates? I thought this was Pirates class.” and then leave quickly. My knees crack whenever they move after being still for a while (been like this my whole life), I’d be such a distraction lol

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    1. The word does look a bit like pirates class doesn’t it 😂😂 and haha that’s the thing, you hear everyone’s knees cracking it was quite funny

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      1. I felt more comfortable with the 60+, I think if it was a bunch of 30 year old cool mums I’d be quite intimidated 😂

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      2. Oh yeah, they’d enter the room with something to prove, trying to convince themselves that they’re younger than they are. The older crowd just doesn’t care lol

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