If We Were Having Coffee… |1

It’d be tea. 2 sugars, a drop of milk.

Hiya, I’ve always wanted to do one of these posts because they’re pretty casual, sweet and just all round good. I like to think it makes us closer, you know? Like going for a catch up with a friend and grabbing a hot drink and having a giggle. Everyone needs that once in a while, don’t they? Anyway;

If we were having tea, we’d be chilling in my living room sat on the sofa.

If we were having tea, I’d tell you that I’m SO EXCITED about going to Amsterdam on Friday for 2 nights with my boyfriend and that I want to take loads of pictures and write a post about it, I’m already excited to tell you about it and I haven’t even gone yet.

If we were having tea, I’d mention that I’m moving! On the 17th March and that it’s all happening so fast and that I don’t really know what I’m doing as I’ve never moved from house to house before but it seems to be going ok. It’s just a tad stressful.

If we were having tea, you’d ask how I’ve been and I’d say I’ve been really happy and excited! But been on a bit of an emotional roller coaster today with everything going on and some personal stuff. But all round good.

If we were having tea, I’d tell you that the UK weather is currently confused. All thanks to what they’re calling it The Beast From The East! It’s pretty much March and we should be going into spring! No Snow! Please! I would like some warm weather.

If we were having tea, I’d excitedly squeal at you because as I’m writing this I’ve got 100 FOLLOWERS! THANKYOU so much, I appreciate every single one of you and I never thought that many people would want to read my stuff. haha.


How have you been? Let me know in the comments!

Much love ♥


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