Hi friends! Oh how I’ve missed you, I can’t actually tell you how good it feels to grab my laptop and write a post. For those of you that follow me, you’ll have known that I’ve been in Amsterdam the past couple of days and I’ve also been getting my photos together and resisting the urge to post them all on my social media – though a few may have slipped onto Instagram, I couldn’t help myself, you can also follow me HERE (cheeky self promo).

I’ve decided to break my trip down into 2 posts, 1 post a day as I went for 2 days, I feel like then I don’t have to feel pressurised to keep to my usual around-500-word-limit.

Day 1

Our flight was on Friday at 8:10am, my mum kindly picked up my boyfriend and I from our flat and dropped us off at the airport. I felt weirdly sad about going so far away even though it was for only 2 days. We went through the whole airport shenanigans and whatever the hell you have to do, I found it extremely confusing but somehow managed it. The wait in the airport didn’t feel too long, we went and took a seat in a restaurant and had a hot drink until we got called to our gate. We could see our plane from the window where we were sat.


When it came to boarding the plane there was an issue with my plane ticket because for some reason I was once a male on their system, which I can say that’s definitely not true. It didn’t take long to sort out though and we soon got onto the plane and sat in our seats. There was an hour delay due to bad weather but that’s ok. Taking off gave me a hell of an adrenaline rush it was quite funny. The flight only took around an hour but there was quite a bit of turbulence due to the bad weather and I thought I was going to die. The plane started to shake and my mind went into overdrive. But all was well, obviously. The journey may have only taken an hour but that was enough for my travel sickness to kick in and completely ruin my day, pretty much.

The journey from the airport to the hotel was a little confusing (we stayed in Zaandam, which apparently isn’t part of Amsterdam). We headed to central and went straight into  a coffee shop to regain and then made our way to the hotel, which ended up being quite simple. We just made it difficult. The hotel was BEAUTIFUL from the outside, I loved it. The waterfall was completely frozen outside the hotel as it was -7 the whole time we were there. I still felt quite travel sick and cold so I went for a nap to regain… again.


After my nap I was PUMPED to go and see what Amsterdam had to offer, my boyfriend had previously been so I relied on him to take me places. We headed straight to Dam Square which only took 20 minutes from our hotel, which then we took a look around the Red Light District.


Red Light District

This was an odd one, an experience I don’t think I’ll ever forget. Walking down an alley way with girls flaunting themselves in the windows with bare minimal on, obviously you’re not allowed to take pictures to respect the girls. It was odd making accidental eye contact with them. My boyfriend lead me down a REALLY SMALL place where the doors were open waiting for you to go in and they’re trying to grab your attention. “OOH, cold outside?” one of them seductively said to us. The Red Light District had loads of sex toy shops with porn playing outside and sex clubs and drug shops. We walked past a man who was swearing at the pigeons up in the sky, quite amusing.


We got food from this lovely little restaurant/bar place called Poco Loco which had a cat roaming about in it, I have no idea where this was located as everywhere legit looks the same. After that we just roamed about looking at the frozen canals with people ice skating on them, it was such a lovely thing to see and went into a few shops.

As the evening drew in we got lost and wondered about and found our way back at our hotel which we went into the local supermarket and grabbed LOADS of snacks and we had a bath and chilled out in the hotel room which was nice as it was SO cold outside! The bed was 10/10 comfy as fuck. I slept shit.


Make sure to check out what we got up to the 2nd day, which is a lot more interesting.

For Day 2 click HERE

Much love ♥



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