Hello there my friends, this is day 2 of Amsterdam (obviously, as stated in the title) you can read Day 1 HERE if you wish, it doesn’t make a difference if you don’t want to but it’s up to you!

Day 2

SO, waking up on the second day we both knew it would be more of a productive day today and had more of an idea of what we wanted to do. First things first though, the most important meal of the day, BREAKFAST! We did have breakfast in the hotel, it was a buffet style breakfast. Went back up to the hotel room and sorted our shit out ready for the day.


Glow Golf

We walked for what felt like forever in the Antarctic weathers to try and find this place, to be fair we could’ve got a tram but none of us knew how to use them properly and couldn’t make sense of them. Plus, what harm does it do to walk? I wanted to see everything, even if it was freezing. So we walked and walked, took some pictures and walked and found it! It wasn’t very clear that the place was Glow Golf, but we found it! We went in and it was just a normal pub/bar.


It turns out the golf was underneath the venue  in the pitch black. We were also given 3D glasses to wear which made EVERYTHING blurry, pretty much how things look when I don’t wear my glasses. There were so many vibrant colours and it was so interesting, nothing like I’d ever seen before. It was fun and we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. There was a massive group behind us who’d left an empty mushroom pot in the locker area, I’m sure they had a good time too!

After that we decided to head back to Dam square and around the red light district area, we popped in a few coffee shops and had a bit of a walk around and then headed to the sex museum.


The Sex Museum

This was again, like nothing I’ve ever experienced before, I can see it being very useful for people who are genuinely very interested in the history of sex and sex when the vikings and Romans and all that were around but the museum was mostly full of people just wanting to look at the funny statues and characters (including me). I must say I didn’t learn anything and couldn’t get round the whole museum as it was so busy! I will post pictures because I’m giving you the full experience here. It also gives you a very good idea of what the red light district is like as well.


(Right: A good idea what the Red Light District is like, windows in alleyways with girls in)

After the sex museum we spent a lot of time walking around trying to find an amazing stroopwaffle place that I’d found on google, yet when we got there we were pretty damn bummed out when it turns out it’s not actually there. I was getting hangry and so we walked all the way back to Dam square (there was a lot of walking today) and couldn’t resist ourselves to some Dunkin’ Donuts! AMAZING. Do we have these in the UK? Someone tell me. At this time there was also a market going on, we didn’t buy much but by god there’s a lot of cheese shops and stalls about. The market was cute and I enjoyed looking around it. Then we went to a lovely Italian cafe, once we paid we realised we were getting pretty low on funds now so decided we’d head back to the hotel, and get sorted for the early flight in the morning.


We’d pre-arranged a taxi to pick us up at half 4 in the morning as our flight was at 7:10am. It was a killer, I was not looking forward to the flight home as the flight here stressed me out. We had a cheeky Mcdonalds and had a wonder around the shops and even brought some stroopwaffles! They weren’t the same as what we would’ve had in this so-called-amazing-stroopwaffle-place-that-didn’t-exist (I’m still salty about it) but I was still chuffed I was eating one before I left, and I wasn’t let down.

The flight home wasn’t too good either due to the weather conditions, but it’s ok. We were nearly to the end of the flight and the pilot had put a tannoy through saying he wanted everybody to turn off electrical equipment, even if it was on flight mode. I didn’t see anyone turn their phones/laptops off apart from me. Why?? WHY WAS NOBODY LISTENING to the pilot who is driving the airplane?? I genuinely wanted to get up and tell everyone to turn everything off LIKE THE PILOT HAD SAID. I don’t think anyone took the plane ride as seriously as I did, but I’m still here so it’s all alright. No need to panic hahaha. Rant over.


All in all, I had a lovely time in Amsterdam, it was honestly such an experience and an adventure, I would go again (though I like to try out different places) and it’d be even better because I slightly understand how things work a bit more. I must admit most of my time was probably spent walking and being cold but I still loved it.

For those of you wondering, no, I did not smoke a spliff, dooby, joint, watever you wish to call it. Though I did try some magic mushrooms on the first night which I had taken completely wrong and had no affect what so ever as I didn’t chew them (they literally look minging) and had eaten before hand which you wasn’t meant to, so I ended up just snacking loads and going to sleep.

Have you ever been to Amsterdam/ Would you ever go? Let me know!

Also just ask if you wish to know anything else I got up to!

Much love ♥


8 thoughts on “AMSTERDAM | Day 2

  1. Yaaaay! Been waiting for part 2! You crack me up 😂 I love reading your posts! Glad you had such a good time. You’ve made me want to go even more, not because I’m a sex freak, don’t worry..I am a cheese freak though and want to go to ALL the cheese shops! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much this has made my day 😂 you should definitely go if you get the chance even if it is for 2 days like I did! I am also a cheese freak, but not as much as the Dutch apparently! xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Again being quite active in the community and with other bloggers is a big help! Follow some blogs you’re genuinely interested in, it all takes time pretty much my lovely 🙂 x x


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