A Letter To My Younger Self

Dear Tiffurz,

First of all, stop worrying about what you want to do later on in life because you still don’t know and that’s ok because most people I know, also don’t know what they want to do. Second of all, it REALLY 100% does not matter how you look or come across in school, you don’t have to be popular or look cool because everyone goes off in their different life paths when it’s over. And you fit into your own style when you leave. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to try a little more in your education instead of getting away with bare minimum but CONGRATULATIONS on passing your exams without any revision!

In your early/mid teens, you don’t go out much partly because you live in a remote village. But you’ll look back on that time and realise you had the most fun ever staying up until the early morning on Skype with your internet friends! And years on you still and always will appreciate them even though none of you talk anymore. This is also where your blogging hobby comes from.

You won’t be alone forever, even so, boys aren’t everything and at one point at aged 19/20 you will very much appreciate and love being single where you find out more about yourself! You will have unhealthy and healthy relationships and you will get hurt and you will hurt people (and be an unnecessary bitch) but that’s ok. It’ll make you stronger and know your worth. You’re also stronger and wiser than what you think but you’re not invincible.

Moving out has been your dream since you can ever remember and you will achieve this at 20, although you feel your home life isn’t the best and you want nothing more than to move out, you will miss your mum, even your brother and dad. You could’ve spent more time with your family but in a way moving out has made you closer with your family anyway. Your mum is your best friend, she knows you more than anyone else.

I’m writing this at the age of 21, and there’s so much to come. Appreciate yourself a little more. Right now, you haven’t got the most appealing job but you’re happy, and you’ve always said you don’t mind what you do as long as you’re happy. This job allows you time to work on your hobby that you never thought you’d have, so I guess that’s a plus! You’re in a very healthy relationship and couldn’t ask for someone better. You’re thankful for everything.

Lots of love, Tiffurz ♥

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If you could give your younger self 1 piece of advice, what would it be?!

10 thoughts on “A Letter To My Younger Self

  1. This is so good!! I could not agree more with worrying about how we looked in school or being popular because like you say, everyone goes their own way afterwards!
    Also love the part about how you would spend your early teens..I so wish I’d realised at the time, these were some of the BEST years of my life!

    Great post lovely, so pleased you’re in such a happy situation now in your own place with someone you cherish ❤

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    1. Thanks so much my love! When I was in my early teens I’d always worry that I wouldn’t have any memories to look back on because I never went out! But turns out I do have good memories to look back on 😂 thinking back we cared so much about the silliest things it makes me laugh 😂 hope you’ve had a good day! 💕


  2. I’d tell my younger self to appreciate the good times as much as possible and forget the bad times as quickly as possible because they won’t matter in the end.

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    1. Yes! Oh how much I wish I could tell myself that, however now if I find myself in a situation I should appreciate more, I’ve gotten into the habit of thinking I should appreciate it more and try and be more appreciative/ less shitty in the situation. If that makes sense 😂

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  3. Great post! I definitely would make sure my younger self was confident in my abilities. I am lucky that one of my younger sisters is now at secondary school and I want to make sure she feels confident in her body and mind! Xx

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