My Tattoo Experience & Journey

Helloooo, I hope you’ve all been well and welcome back to my blog if you’re a follower and if not, then welcome ! In this blog post I thought I’d take you through my tattoo journey as they’re probably one of the things you notice about me first (in person anyway) and that I get quite a few comments on them.

First, let’s clear a few things up:

“You’re going to regret them when you get older” No, I won’t regret them as they all remind me of a time of where I was at in life and I like them, all. And if I do end up regretting them, shit happens, why are you concerned hahaha.

 “They’re not going to look as good when you get all wrinkled” Actually, I saw an older woman walking down the street who had full sleeves and grey hair and she looked swag as fuck.

“I don’t agree with girls having tattoos” That’s nice.

“Why did you get them on your arms so they’re on show?” So I can see them. And I’ve had no problems getting a job with them.

So now we’ve cleared that up, I’m going to start with the one I got first which is a Swallow. I thought about this one alot beforehand as it was my first one and was scared that I didn’t want to end up regretting it. I got a Swallow because it’s the bird that represents freedom. It all fell into place quite well as it was just after I quit my job and just before I broken up with my ex, I went away spontaneously with mum to Brighton and was thinking about it previously and it was the perfect timing to get one. I wasn’t scared but just a tad nervous (you know the sweaty nervous). The tattoo took 2 hours and cost £80 or £90, I fainted in the process but made it out alive. This was done at the blind pig. I was 18 and was proud it was something I could tick off my bucket list.

The second one was spontaneous, I was visiting my friend at uni in Leicester and I knew I wanted a tattoo, I had that moreish feeling that people say you normally get after getting a tattoo. My friend picked it out for me so I got it. This is on my wrist and cost £40, we always had such a laugh when I went to go visit her. I was 19. Literally pain was 2/10, if you’re thinking about getting a small tattoo I would recommend the wrist.

The third one is most people’s favourites and probably one of my favourites. It was near my birthday and had to visit the dentist, though when I got to the dentist they hadn’t told me that they’d actually cancelled my appointment for some reason, so I thought alright I’ll go to the tattoo studio and price up a tattoo that I’d been thinking about getting. Plus the previous two were on my lower arm so my ocd kicked in and I needed to even my arm out. The next thing I know is that they’d got a cancellation so I could have it done now. I thought it’d be rude not to. I came back from the dentist 5 hours later with a tattoo that cost £240, I don’t think I’ve had a more expensive dentist trip. I spent that night at my boyfriend’s and fainted in him the next morning about to get into the car. I remember waking up being slung over his shoulder with a missing shoe. HAhaha, that beats any night out. This wasn’t actually painful at all but after a few hours my arm went numb.

The most fourth and most recent one I got I had been wanting for a while but had no desire for another now that I had equaled out my arm. This is called Maneki Neko. I’ve  grown to the Chinese waving cats a lot through my life, I used to not like them very much but they’re super cute and obviously they’re meant to bring good luck, though I can’t tell you weather my luck has improved. My boyfriend (the same one who I fainted on) paid for this as part of my birthday present so I wasn’t going to say no! There was no fainting with this one but it was by far the most painful out of all of them by far. This cost me £80.

I don’t plan on getting any more tattoos soon as I’m quite content with what I’ve got, I hope this post was either enjoyable or helpful with costing or what it’s like, if you have any questions at all then ask away!

If you were to get a tattoo/another tattoo, what would you get ?!

Much love ❤️

4 thoughts on “My Tattoo Experience & Journey

  1. Ahah I’ve ever heard every one of these objections to tattoos and they’ve never really influenced my opinion or desire to get one. Anywho I love your swallow one! So prettyyy!❤

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