The Perfect Summer Day Out | TROPICAL BIRDLAND

HELLO MY LOVELIES! If you’re from the UK you will know that the sunshine has decided to hit us with full force this last week, it’s been gorgeous! The perfect weather to sit in the garden with the music on and a few of your favourite bevvys. I’ts also the perfect time to take advantage of a few days out too. A friend of mine and I recently went to Tropical Birdland in Leicestershire.

My first initial thoughts were that it was just going to mainly be for families and that we’d rock up looking like a pair of weirdos, nevertheless we were excited to see some birds! Luckily we didn’t look like a pair of weirdos because loads of different people were there, it truly was a place for anyone and everyone! As you arrive, there’s owls out front where you pay and you can clearly see a whole load of parrots roaming about as they wish uncaged but we’ll get to that bit soon. It wasn’t at all expensive to get in and you can also buy some food to feed the birds as you go round.

As you go in it’s got a jungle feel to it and the birds are more than happy to be stroked and petted. They had everything from budgies to ostriches to birds I never knew even existed. As well as all these lovely birds, there was beautiful greenery to look at and take a stroll through if you’d like. The location was perfect with natural rivers going through it.

The birds loved all of the attention they were getting but also had a space they could go and hide from everything. You could tell they were well fed and well looked after.

Towards the end of the park there was an open outside area where the majority of the parrots were, supervised by staff the birds could walk on you and feed from you if they wished. We also had a lovely chat with one of the staff who told us they take in birds from all different places, we noticed a bird had plucked all its feathers out and wondered what’d happened, the bird had been in a previous home where he didn’t get looked after much so they took him in. It was quite a heartwarming story.

There was also a cafe (which was extremely busy) which served tasty lunches and home made cakes and pastries. There was also a play area for kids. This bird park is definitely a hidden gem and a lovely day out for friends, couples, families, everyone. I would recommend this to anyone and if you’re in that area, give it a visit!

You can see their website HERE for more information!

Until next time, Much love ♥


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