Primark Summer Hauuuul!

Hey friends! I thought I’d do a quick haul as I haven’t done one in a very, very, very long time, probably because moving out does suck up all your money but partly because I am a bit of a house hermit.

I went shopping a few days ago primarily to get an outfit for my boyfriends brothers wedding, I’ve decided to go for a navy blue and red combination. You know, like, a navy dress with red heels and a red purse. I’m not asking for much but you wouldn’t believe how difficult it was, I found nothing. I ended up wondering in and out the same shops 3 times and trying multiple things on to end up coming out empty handed. Although I did find a few gems for this summer in trusty old Primark.

So for those who want a peek into my summer wardrobe, this is what I got:

Mustard coloured crop top with bone styled buttons – £5

Denim short dungarees – £15

Black cami top – £1.80

Navy shorts – £4

Thongs – £1 each

Sporty ankle socks – £2.50 a pack

That is all I got from Primark as I had to restrain myself from going wild and buying things I didn’t really need. I took a quick trip into Tiger while I was shopping, for those who have ever been in Tiger you will know how wacky and cool and how weird the stuff in there is. I decided to get an inflatable chair as we’ve been looking for a chair for our living room, so this is a fun make do for now!

Inflatable chair – Tiger – £12

The last thing I got shopping is new lenses for my glasses, many of you may think it isn’t exciting, but when you’re as blind as me and hang on to your glasses for as long as possible, getting new lenses I can actually see out of is quite exciting!!!

Much love ♥


14 thoughts on “Primark Summer Hauuuul!

    1. I know right?! They maybe make me look about 12 though 😂 hmm yeah the denims thick, I know what you mean though, if it was full length I don’t think I could do it! x


    1. Thankyou! I saw a tweet the other day saying ‘girls who wear denim dungarees and yellow tops are brave to go out looking like a minion’ and I will never look at this outfit the same! But I still love it, and I’ll still wear it 😂😂 x x

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