Iya friends! I feel like I’ve been quite sociable this past week (yikes) so I thought bloody hell, I’ll bang it all in a lifestylely post for you all and you can all join in! Right… Let’s start at Monday.

Monday 25th June

Honestly, it feels like this Monday was about 2 months ago and I can’t really remember what happened. I took photos for my Primark Summer Haul blog post found HERE and I also wrote and posted it, I’m pretty sure I also had work that morning and then after the blog post I played sims and done some cleaning.

Tuesday 26th June

I had this day off work but had to make a journey into town to collect my new glasses, get my pill prescription, stock up on allergy tablets and attend my works fire training meeting at 4pm. It doesn’t sound a lot but it’s soo hot and humid here in the uk and had to wait 30 mins at least for a train to town and back. I was shattered by the end of it.

Wednesday 27th June

I ended up working ridiculous long at work, I was almost dead when I got home, but I did have a lovely chill evening in the garden with my boyfriend and our tort, Jeeves.

Thursday 28th June

This was a pretty good day! I had work and left at a decent time, I got home and done some cleaning and wrote and posted the What’s In My Bag blog post found HERE and also took pictures. The England game was also on so I decided I’d go out and meet my friends, have something to eat and watch it down the pub, I ended up having a lovely time seeing everyone and didn’t get home until about 11pm.

Friday 29th June

This was going to be a busy one, earlier on in the week I made a last minute decision to buy tickets to my local festival, you can’t really call it a festival, but that’s what it was called on the Facebook page. I had work, rushed to one of my friends house where we were all meeting before heading to the festival, we all chilled and had a few drinks and ate pizza and pringles.

We arrived at the festival and it was quite chilly, the music was shit and food was expensive but it’s alright, it got better as time got on and we drank more. Example was one of the main acts which I’m thoroughly happy I got to see and they even threw in a bit of dnb. I ended up getting tipsy but it was an all round giggle for everyone, I even made work the next morning.

I loved it so much as I don’t get to see most my friends or all of them together very much as when we’re all together it’s mostly drink related which I can’t do anymore, but it was so nice to see everyone and have a laugh with them as I rarely go out.

Saturday 30th June

I ended up staying and working later than usual, I was just happy I wasn’t affected too much by the drinking yesterday. Later on in the evening, I met up with my best friend and we went for a cheeky sundae and a catch up.

Sunday 1st June

I got my nails done by a friend who’s practising doing nails, enjoyed the sun and done some food shopping. Also caught up on Love Island and spent some much needed time with my boyfriend.

What did you enjoy most abut your week?

Much love ♥


5 thoughts on “BLOGGING, SHOPPING & FRIENDS | A Week W/ Me

    1. Agreed! I don’t know about you but I pretty much go into hibernation in the winter 😂😂🙈🙉 xx


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