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Good afternoon/morning/evening wherever you may be in the world, I ventured to London yesterday and thought I’d write a post on what I got up to and the places I visited for anyone who’s interested! Unfortunately it pissed it down with rain literally ALL DAY (classic Britain), but it’s okay, I still managed to get a few photos.

Brick Lane


The first place we visited was Brick Lane (suggested by the lovely Rosie, thankyou darling), may I just say, what a lovely place! This was probably my favourite place, it’s like a street art gallery and some of the shops we came across were amazing, they were so wacky and different and there were a lot of retro vintage clothes shops which we popped in and out of. I’ll definitely be making another trip here. If you’re looking to visit Brick Lane, there’s a really helpful website here.


Fill-A-Bag Thrift Shop

After spending time at Brick Lane, one of the things we wanted to do was to visit one of those fill-a-bag thrift shops, I’d seen them advertised on Facebook and wanted to go in person. I can’t remember what the one we went to was called but it was not what I expected, then again what was I expecting for fill a bag for a tenner.

I didn’t manage to get any photos but I’ll explain what it was like. So, I’m not sure you can really call it a shop. It was a warehouse with human sized piles of clothes, it was chaos. People were on the piles digging through like they were digging for treasure. It was almost like a company had agreed to pick up peoples old clothes for free just to dump them in a warehouse and people could fill a carrier bag for a tenner and stick the words vintage thrift on the title for a bit of class? It was an experience and I manged to find a few things myself, lol.


A denim playsuit, with real pockets! An extremely comfortably navy jumper, and a baggy crop top, which I later on found out has a massive hole in one armpit. haha.

The Barbican Conservatory

Now, originally we wanted to visit the sky garden but it turned out to be fully booked and missed the walk-in times, gutted. So we thought the Barbican Conservatory was the next best place, on the outside it was beautiful. However, turns out we couldn’t get in the actual conservatory because it only opens on Sundays. Y THO?



Chinatown was my next favourite place to visit, I’m a massive fan of Chinese food and the good luck having cat. We only ended up spending a quick 10-15 minutes here was it was raining so much but I definitely need to come back here!! We took a quick trip into the gift shop while we were there so I could get my very own waving cat!! This was the last place we visited before heading home.


Have you ever been to London? Where do you like to visit in London?

Much love ♥

9 thoughts on “LONDON | Places To Visit

  1. I’ve only ever been to London once (am I even British?), but have been wanting to return ever since. Now I want to go just for £10 a bag thrift shops aha xo

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    1. I’m the same tbf! I live about 45 minutes away and can count on my hands how many times I’ve been. You should definitely return! Haha yes you should give it a go! x x


    1. Thankyou! I would’ve loved to had gotten more pictures but it was raining so much we spent half our time trying to find a bit of shelter lol! Oh wow no, I’ve never heard of that before, I didn’t know that was a thing, next time I go, I’ll have to go and have a look x x

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