If We Were Having Coffee…| 2

Good afternoon my friends, it’s good to be back. Having not posted for pretty much 2 weeks I’ll fill you in with what’s gwarning in my life (anybody else used to use this slang lmao?). So, if we were having a very strong mug of coffee with 3 sugars because that’s what’s keeping me going … Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee…| 2

A Letter To My Younger Self

Dear Tiffurz, First of all, stop worrying about what you want to do later on in life because you still don't know and that's ok because most people I know, also don't know what they want to do. Second of all, it REALLY 100% does not matter how you look or come across in school, … Continue reading A Letter To My Younger Self


Hi friends, would you believe it or not I've been nominated for the Liebster award!! I've never really won anything before or achieved an award, I'm very thankful to be nominated by The Captains' Speech. You should definitely check him out, I always look forward to reading his posts and his writing style grabs me … Continue reading AN ACHIEVEMENT